Hermosa Remodel

Sometimes remodeling a home makes more sense than building from scratch, as in the case of our clients in Hermosa who love the view of the Animas Valley and towering red cliffs as well as the close proximity to the Dalton Ranch Golf Club. Although demolition and many aspects of the design had already been done for both the main house and guest house, SM Built joined the team as the general contractor to bring the dream to life. A complete overhaul of the exterior was needed to ensure better waterproofing and draining and match the style of the completely redone interior. While the house remained structurally the same, some interior walls and windows were moved to create a more functional space. The staircase was completely redesigned with an open concept in mind to add architectural interest and light in a dark corner of the house. We also created an open floor plan by opening a wall between the living room and kitchen.